organisateur de sac en feutrine


How long does it take to change socks. A few seconds ? And for your handbag? For me, it requires a bit of sorting, cleaning, and moving various objects around. If I'm in a hurry and want to use another bag, it can be inconvenient. The Le Secret du Sac handbag organizer changes that.

Available in multiple sizes, this bag organizer allows you to keep all your items in one bag that you can then remove and place in another.

I love mine (I have a small one). The bag is made of robust, solid felt and contains several pockets, one of which has a zipper. Anyone who changes their handbag often needs one of these bags!

Hooray! Now changing bags is as quick as changing socks.

With the code SECRET10 on the LE SECRET DU SAC website you can benefit from -10% on your first order!

felt bag organizer

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