Comment organiser l'intérieur de son sac ?

How to organize the inside of your bag?

Quickly organize your bag with these 3 easy tips! No more bag in "black hole" mode where you never find anything.

How to organize the inside of your handbag - Keeping the same kind of items in one place, in a section of the bag provided for this purpose, which can help you say "goodbye" to the problem of the black hole!

The shopping bag is perfect for all those who like to walk around with their whole "house" in it, it is large, its single compartment offers a wide choice to fill it, it's perfect for putting a laptop, books, make-up , stuff for kids and much more...

What I'm sharing today is not an organizing product you have to buy, but a system you can implement and create in your own purse, exactly what YOU need!

If you want to use organizers or bag storage directly, you can look at the collection available in our online shop.

1. Health + Beauty Pouch

I start organizing by filing the items in my purse, and since my health and beauty items tend to take up most of the space, I start organizing them.

Using a small makeup bag, I place things like:

  • Pads + panty protector

  • pocket mirror

  • hand lotion

  • Make-up remover wipes

  • Lip balm

  • Elastic + bobby pins

  • Pain killer

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Handkerchief

For those who really want to play it "safe" in their emergency kit, you can also consider taking:

  • Deodorant wipes

  • Needle + thread + thread cutter

  • Nail file

  • nail clipper

  • Mouthwash

  • medical strap

  • Compresses

  • Bandages

2. Children's pouch or other

The children's pouch is not only reserved for mums, on the contrary you could perhaps learn an additional tip by reading the following. Personally, I'm not a mom, but here's what I learned by observing certain people.

Keep with you all the important "documents" that your children will need quickly. And when I say documents, it's not necessarily their identity card. No no, I'm talking about urgent business that could occupy your child quickly and without concern for you.

Take the perfect example of shopping or a dinner with your friends. Sometimes your child will become impatient or even turbulent. In order to avoid shame in front of your best friends, only one possible solution.

Take out a small pocket filled with their favorite trinkets or a notebook with markers and pencils so that they can express themselves differently and more calmly.

3. Convenience Pouch

ONLY use this handy pocket for items you need to access often. Things like:

  • Keys

  • Phone

  • Sun glasses

  • Pen

  • Chewing gum

It can be difficult at first to get used to placing these items in just this pocket, but after a while it will become more and more natural to slip your keys and other important items into this handy spot.

What joy you have when you quickly find something you need.

The placement of the pockets in your bag.

Once the small items are organized into larger items, it's time to start putting them in your purse.
All the while, I don't really care where things are because that part usually moves quite a bit and it's okay if the pockets are big enough to see and grab when needed.

TIP: I usually try to put the larger item first if I have a narrower purse, so I don't have to pull much to find the smaller ones.

Last Things

In a nutshell, keep it simple, use what you have on hand, and your handbag can quickly become something that's no longer a black hole where things disappear.
As you can see, you don't need a lot of extras or a fancy organization system for your wallet. In today's world, sometimes there are too many supplements!

For my part, I use a " Le Classique " bag organizer to quickly store all my belongings. It is ideal for storing my Surface Pro, my A4 planner and my notebook (with the health and beauty part and my daily objects).

What did I miss?

What do you keep in your bag? I would like to know more. Did I forget something? Let me know in the comments below, share this post with your friends to help them finally find a way to store their bag properly!

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