organisateur de sac pas cher

The accessory to organize your Longchamp Le Pliage bag

How to properly organize your Longchamp Le Pliage bag and really stick to it?

longchamp bag organizer

That's what I'm teaching you today by revealing my favorite tip for several years now (and it works for all bags).

A bag organizer from Le Secret du sac to finally be able to organize your bag easily and quickly, it's my little secret to be able to organize my Longchamp bag or any other large shopping bag like with my Mickael Kors when I take the plane.

longchamp bag organizer

An accessory for everyday life

It's the perfect accessory if you have trouble finding your way around every day, you lose too much time trying to find your house or car keys, your cell phone cannot be found when it rings or any other stressful situation. .

The very principle of having a handbag organizer is to allow you to obtain a large storage capacity by multiplying the compartments such as open pockets or removable storage. You will then go from a simple shopping bag with 2 patch pockets and a zipped pocket to more than a dozen pockets of various sizes to hold wallet, glasses, tablet, book, bottle, laptop, smartphone, passport, notebook, kit and makeup if needed. All in a felt or soft felt material to protect your personal belongings in addition to maintaining the shape of your bag Folding .

Also note that this material is rigid (as said above why it is essential), the felt bag organizer will not make your bag heavier than usual. What weighs down your bag is what you actually put in it, so be careful how much space you will gain so as not to weigh it down and end up with a 5kg bag...

The essential bag organizer for me

The organizer (or bag organizer) is my essential when I take my shopping bag to be able to organize myself properly when I go to work. I easily store (and without protection) my Surface Pro with its cable, IPhone, wallet, bottle of water, rest glasses and sunglasses, notebook and my A4 planner, pens, bunch of keys and lots of d other useful little things.

If you are interested in putting an end to the eternal black hole in your handbag, I recommend that you take a look at the Longchamp bag organizer , my favorite model and still in perfect condition (even after 3 years of daily use).

Tip to know: Your bag organizer may lint if you change it often from one bag to another, to make it look like new take a sweater clipper or a razor to easily remove lint and lint.

longchamp bag organizer waist

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