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The must-have essentials of a minimalist beach bag for 2019

The real essentials for a sleek beach bag to finally enjoy the beach quietly.

What essentials should I take for this summer at the beach? - Keep your bag light and follow the guide.


The sight of the first rays of sun already delights you and you plan directly for your summer holidays 2019 taking a sunbath.

  • The essentials to have on you

Keep it simple in your organization, we list the minimum to have on you here:

  • Swimsuit
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Pareo (Futa)
  • Flip flops

And hop, all that less to carry in your bag.

  • Use a Fouta

Remember to take a Fouta as a beach towel, it will be perfect to be worn as a sarong before and after your beach session due to its lightness and quick drying. Generally larger than the classic towel you will appreciate in addition to its compact shape.

    • Sunscreens, yes, but in a travel version!

    If you are looking to lighten your bag, opt for a small pocket size rather than a regular size. Keep your big sprays at home by already applying sunscreen before leaving for the sea. Leave the after-sun at home, apply it only when you get back.

    • Bring a bottle of water and a snack

    Remember to take a gourd or a bottle of water to stay hydrated and avoid sunstroke. Privilege your own snack at the chouchou merchant on the beach, you will save a few euros but in addition you will not need to withdraw money and walk around with it.

    • Leave your smartphone at home in addition to your wallet

    You don't have to take your smartphone with you 24/7, you're on vacation to relax, so do it all the way and leave your phone away from the beach.

    This will prevent you from bringing an external battery because you will be hooked on social networks and will shoot your battery. Second, you will avoid drawing attention to your material possessions and possibly tempting someone if no one is watching your belongings.

    It's exactly the same for your wallet, keep the minimum on you in a small flat pocket to contain at least a bank card if you want to go to a restaurant or elsewhere afterwards, an identity card, your car papers with your driver's license if necessary (with the keys of course), and finally the keys of the apartment/house or the hotel card.

    • The essential paperback or magazine

    Choose a practical book or magazine for you, no need to take your big 500-page book to the beach, the goal is not to weigh you down but on the contrary to lighten you up. A simple little pocket book will be more than enough to entertain you during your tan.

    Small bonus:

    • Deodorant wipes can really come in handy after those hours spent in the sun.
    • If you absolutely do not want to part with your phone, you can opt for a waterproof pouch that you can take with you when swimming (depending on the format, you can also put your papers and other important personal effects in it)

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