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Handbag Organization: Soft Bag Storage Pouch

Do you often change your handbag? You need handbag organization ideas that will work with multiple handbags of different sizes. Looking for a flexible purse organization solution to help you store everything? Whether your handbag is small or huge, keeping it organized and usable isn't easy.

Having an organized purse can make everything so much easier. When you can find your keys, wallet and phone without having to search the whole house, it's really nice!

When we are out of the house for long periods of time, I spend a lot of time gathering all the things we may need in one purse.

Although I don't use my purse all the time, I realized that I needed to find a good system to organize the contents of my purse. I was spending too much time gathering, moving and rearranging the contents of my bag.

I've always wanted to try a purse organizer that I could easily move from purse to purse. This might be a good solution if your bags are all similar in size. This is why I preferred to opt not for a rigid bag organizer but rather for storage pockets for soft bags .

pocket for bag storage

To keep everything organized, I decided to group my purse items by category and store them together in pouches. Everyone has different pocketing needs, so you can easily tailor this system to your needs. Here are some ideas for purse pockets that you could create yourself.

Types of Purse Organizer Pouches:

  • Emergency pouch - bandages, tissues, cough drops, safety pins, wipes, feminine products, hand sanitizer.
  • Pouch for checkbook and pens
  • Medication pouch - especially if you need to have your medication on you at all times.
  • Pouch for glasses and sunglasses - glasses stored in their original case, wipe to clean glasses.
  • Makeup pouch - powder, lipstick and any other makeup products you use on the go.
  • Snacks - granola bars, gummies - anything you or your kids would eat when needed!
  • Hair care - comb, hair ties, barrettes, etc.

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