base fon de sac rigide pour sac louis vuitton neverfull speedy neo noe

Rigid Bag Base Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Speedy, Neo Noé

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The rigid bag bottom bases help you keep the shape of your bag, the bag bottom will avoid sagging and create a degraded appearance of your bag.

Available for Louis Vuitton bag: Neverfull, Speedy and Neo Noé .

This bag bottom can also be a simple alternative to our bag organizers while leaving you free to store your personal belongings as you wish. By using our bag bottom you protect your Louis Vuitton bag.

Maintaining your bag's original shape, however, can be difficult if you use it regularly and deteriorate even faster if you have a lot of weight or personal items in your bag all day long. Repeated rubbing over the years can lead, on certain materials and bags, to severe abrasion, discoloration of the material, smoothing of the material or even surface tears (detachment of part of the coating or other material ) which will then give a strong degraded and neglected aspect of your luxury bag.

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